The Greatest Cover Letter Sample on the Internet

There are seven elements to creating an amazing cover letter sample for your job search. Let's review these seven winning cover letter strategies right now. Then, take a close look below at what I consider to be the world's greatest cover letter sample on the Internet.

1. Address your cover letter to a 'real' person "Dear Hiring Manager" is lifeless!

2. Start your letter off with an attention-grabbing headline! (Bold and centered text).

3. Write in a conversational manner. Show enthusiasm and passion.

4. Keep your letter 'short and sweet.' Plenty of white space is easy on the eyes!

5. State specifically why you are the perfect fit for the position being offered.

6. IMPORTANT! Clearly and directly ASK for the job interview. Make it easy to contact you immediately.

7. Use my 'secret sentence' to flood your calendar with quality job interviews this month!

Cover Letter Sample

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