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How to make writing cover letters a snap!

The "writing cover letter" advice out there today is mixed with both the cheapest, poor information and some of the most expensive in terms of writing services a person can receive. There are literally thousands of websites offering all sorts of tips and tricks for free. Professional cover letter writing services can charge hundreds of dollars for their documents. And in this case, you don't always get what you pay for! You can learn to write letters that "sing" all by yourself if you know how.

Cover Letter Writing Advice That Will Bring You Results Guaranteed

The best "writing a cover letter" advice I can give you is this: Address your letter to the person by name. Write all of your letters starting with an attention getting headline. Show your passion for the field. Use a conversational approach to your letters. Keep them brief and focused on the result you desire. AKA, the job interview! As you read these tips, be sure to keep this simple concept in mind: When writing the job search cover letter, you have but one single purpose. That purpose is to get YOU interviewed. PERIOD.

How often have you heard advice for writing a cover letter that tells you to directly ask for the interview? I know it seems blatantly obvious but not 1 letter in a 100 letters will read like this. You would be shocked at how many letters go out missing this vital element. This gives you a HUGE edge in your marketplace. Another simple, seemingly obvious piece of advice that is surprisingly rare: Find out the name of the hiring manager and put it at the top of your letter if at all possible. There is nothing worse than writing a dreaded opening like, "To whom it may concern." (It concerns no one!)

If you will follow these basic, little known strategies for writing your cover letters you will dramatically increase your quality job interviews which in turn naturally increases your job offers. So what are you waiting for? Go out there and get 'em!

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