Should You Write A Resume Cover Letter Yourself?


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How to write a resume cover letter. Your secret weapon to standing out in the high pile of applications:

If you're really interested in blowing the competition away, and what job hunter isn't? -- learn to write a resume cover letter that sizzles. A resume cover letter is a one-page combination resume and cover letter that is perfect to send as a follow up to the hiring manager.

Though few people know this, persistence and repetition are valuable tools for you to use in your quest to land your dream job. After all, it's pretty rare for a manager to drop his or her other duties to devote the majority of time to interviewing job applicants. It's much more common for a manager to put this off by placing this task on the "back burner."

In this case, write and send a resume cover letter to the boss and chances are it will pay off. Since the vast majority of job applicants don't follow up at all, you stand out as someone that really wants the job more than the competition. Secondly, when you follow up, you're mathematically doubling your job search odds and opportunities. You are twice as likely to grab the attention of the proper individual. It's truly simple math. And when you write a resume cover letter as your follow up, it can pay off big time.

Here's why you should write a resume cover letter

A resume cover letter is easy to scan, for starters. It also combines the personality of cover letter with the bullet points and highlights of a resume. As a follow up, it reminds the hiring manager of your qualifications, without forcing them to go find and look at the resume you sent them earlier.

Write the resume cover letter with a P.S. at the bottom summarizing your requirements and asking for the job interview as an effective final touch and "push" for them to call you.

All in all, take the time to write a resume cover letter, it's a very powerful tool to separate you from the rabid pack of job hunters you're competing with.

Final tip: Your job search is about passion, persistence, follow up and desire to land the job you deserve. YOU are the one who will make it happen. Now go out there and make your own luck!

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