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Well written cover letters can produce magical results!

For all the time college graduates have spent in classrooms, it's amazing how many have never learned how to write a cover letter. Instead, they are unleashed upon the job market expected to pick up this skill on their own --- or perhaps with the help of some samples they find on the Internet.

This lack of specific instruction is quite a shame, considering how important a cover letter is to landing a job. Well written cover letters are every bit as important as the resume. Everyone is going to have to write cover letters to potential employers long after they've forgotten about the chalkboard scribbles their professor was writing on and on about during Modern Art History class..:-)

Write A Cover Letter: The ABC's

To help fill this educational void, here are three tips for writing better cover letters written in an easy-to-remember mnemonic.

"A" is for "Ask." ASK for the interview in your cover letter. That is, after all, the primary purpose of your letter.

"B" is for "Brief." Don't beat around the bush or talk about yourself excessively. Demonstrate clearly that you know the company and goals of your potential employer and that you are the solution to their hiring needs for the position that is offered. Nothing more, nothing less. Keep your letter brief and focused on getting the interview.

"C" is for "Clearity" Yes, I'm being redundant, but that's how important it is to be clear and focused. Write a cover letter with the focus on asking for the interview, keep it brief, and clear. This is how you will get the best results and your feet inside the company door!

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