The Teaching Cover Letter - What Your Teachers Should Have Taught You.


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Teaching cover letters 101

Even though I am frequently asked for job-getting advice from educators, I find it amazing how many teachers are intimidated by having to write a teaching cover letter for their job search. To me, after getting up the nerve to lecture in front of the world's harshest critics every day... everything else in life would be a piece of cake!

But there are many talented teachers out there having trouble getting their first or perhaps a better teacher position, and crafting a first-class teaching cover letter can improve those odds drastically. With just a little expert coaching, this difficulty will vanish faster than a classroom full of students when the last bell rings.

Writing a teaching cover letter that impresses principals and gets interviews is not hard to do, but does take a little bit of guidance in the right direction. Here are some quick and easy lessons to get you going.

Some Teacher Cover Letter ABC's

A. GRAB the reader's attention early. Start off strong with an opening that "grips" them early to ensure that your letter gets read. Use an attention grabbing headline with centered and bold text.

B. FOCUS your letter on what you can offer the school. Clearly and directly tell how your experience and education would benefit the school and the students. Make each school feel special.

C. REQUEST one action that you want the superintendent or principal to take in order to make an interview happen. Ask for the job interview clearly and directly in your teacher cover letter.

D. END the letter quickly (four or five paragraphs, max) with an enthusiastic and polite statement like "I look forward to meeting you soon to discuss the teaching opening at your school. I will follow up next week to make sure you have received my application."

Following those guidelines, you should have an A+ cover letter guaranteed to land you more job interviews in no time.

Final thought: Many teachers get so caught up with using perfect grammar and "professional" jargon that their cover letters come off as very flat and stale. They fail miserably in showing off their personality and passion for the teaching profession which is so important to landing the interview and ultimately the job.

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