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It's no secret anymore that an internship is the fast track to getting your dream job, and for many would-be interns a sample cover letter for internship appears to be the way to get on it. For these internship-seekers, the concept is simple. Whip up a resume, find a sample cover letter for an internship online or in some book and send them in. Like magic, the internship materializes and the intern's fantastic career begins.

Unfortunately, there is a place where this vision meets reality and gets crushed like an eggshell on the Interstate. That place is the inbox of the intern hiring manager's desk. Like I said, it's no secret that internships are widely regarded as a vital first step towards landing the job of one's dreams. As a result, these internships are nearly as highly sought after as the jobs they lead to. So the hiring manager who is in charge of picking interns has an awful lot of letters to read.

Bad Sample Cover Letters for Internships Get Bad Results

The bad news is that if your letter is something that you've quickly "adapted" from a cover letter sample for an Internship, that letter is very unlikely to get beyond a quick read-over before heading to the round file that sits in the corner of the manager's office. It's just not going to stand out enough.

The good news is that a well written cover letter --- something that has the zip and punch that a cover letter sample for an internship doesn't --- gives you a real competitive advantage.

Why an Internship Cover Letter Matters So Much

Think about it --- for an internship, the cover letter is one of the only things that the hiring manager gets to use to evaluate you. After all, he or she can't really use experience. Just about everyone applying for the internship is in college and has approximately the same level of experience: Zip, unless you want to count summer jobs stocking groceries or preparing submarine sandwiches.

Sure, the managers can look at a candidate's college and majors and GPAs. But those factors don't really demonstrate the applicant's communication skills and attitude and enthusiasm that a well written cover letter does.

Unlike a cover letter sample for an internship, a well written, personalized cover letter gives the candidate a chance to tell the intern manager that the writer is different, that he or she is interested in the opportunity and that the activities and life history of the candidate demonstrate that interest. Just as importantly, a well written cover letter shows to the hiring manager that the writer knows how to clearly and originally express his or her self.

Bad Samples Are A 'Dime A Dozen' When Your Internship Cover Letter Shines, Everyone Notices

Those are the attributes that every organization is interested in finding and bringing aboard, whether they are hiring a CEO, a middle manager or a humble intern. As it turns out, writing this sort of original, manager-impressing cover letter is actually quite simple when you've mastered some basic principles and learned some strategies for making your letter irresistible and convincing. Sure, learning these principles might take a little more time than going to the search engines and typing in "Sample Cover Letter For Internship", but the results will be well worth the extra effort.

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