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Spelling out why sample cover letters for teachers don't work

A lot of freshly graduated education majors get their job search started off by modifying a "sample cover letter for teacher" positions, adding their resume and sending it out to every school they can find an address for. As someone that has worked with hundreds of teachers to help them find their dream schools, I'm begging you... don't make this mistake.

In terms of how effective that strategy is, I'd give it an "F minus!"

Why a sample cover letter for teacher rarely makes the grade. A cover letter for a teacher position needs to show that you are an individual... a real teacher with your own mind, personality and passion for educating. Furthermore, it needs to explain why your background makes you the best educator for the school you are applying to.

Furthermore, the cover letter needs to directly and persuasively ask for the job interview.

It's a rare sample cover letter for teacher position that accomplishes even one of these tasks effectively. Finding a sample cover letter for teacher that does all three would is like finding a needle in a whole field full of haystacks, during a tornado!

You're much better off getting some expert advice in how to write your own cover letter.

As it turns out, writing letters that get the job done... pun intended, is actually fairly simple when you have the guidance of someone with experience in what works. With this guidance, you can send out a dazzling letter that has superintendents and principals picking up the phone immediately to schedule interviews with you.

So remember, using any old "sample cover letter for teacher" or teachers and modifying it to your situation is the most effective way to the recycle bin!

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