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Not all cover letter samples for employment are created equal!

Many job seekers, maybe like yourself, use the Internet in search of a sample cover letter for employment. By changing a few words around on these samples, job-hunters hope to create a winning, personal, effective employment cover letter of their very own. As the rent-a-car company says, "Uh, not exactly!"

Though the "sample cover letter for employment" technique might seem like the way to go, for most people it usually results in a "deafening silence" in response from the employers it was sent to. The reason for this is simple.

A cover letter is your strongest tool for ATTRACTING ATTENTION and SELLING YOURSELF. Most hiring managers find themselves buried beneath hundreds of resumes, cover letters and emails from job-seekers. To get through the mass of applications for all the candidates, they are looking for reasons to toss yours in the trash. They are NOT looking for reasons to carefully review each one.

For these busy hiring managers, a cover letter is often used as a tool to "weed out" the candidates that don't have "the right stuff."

Look if a candidate can't be bothered to find out the name of the hiring manager, and starts the cover letter with off with the terrible, "To Whom It May Concern" greeting, then it really concerns no one in particular. Hint: Do some homework to stand out. Address your employment cover letter to a specific person by name if at all possible.

Using A Sample Cover Letter For Your Employment Needs Is The Quickest Way To Blend In With The Crowd.

Don't you want to STAND OUT from the crowd? Savvy job-hunters know this, and always craft personalized cover letters that not only protect them from being "weeded out" but also actually work as a "super letter salesmen." Instead of some generic sample cover letter for employment that says the job seeker is A) lazy, B) Unoriginal, or C) Not comfortable communicating in writing. Real go-getters write cover letters for employment situations that show they are creative, motivated and have the company's interests at heart.

They accomplish their employment goals by putting themselves in the shoes of the company and communicating WHY they are the candidate that deserves further consideration and a job interview appointment. They focus on getting the Hiring Manager's attention, and communicate this clearly and directly in their cover letter.

For most employment cover letters, the important ingredient missing is what I like to call the "PASSION PARAGRAPH." Quite simply, this is where the job-seeker explains WHAT'S IN IT FOR THE COMPANY. Why should the company decide to commit more time and energy giving you a closer look? Are you worth this energy and time commitment?

By it's very nature, the contents of this "passion paragraph" are going to be different for each applicant and each position they apply for. For this reason alone, depending on a sample cover letter for employment is going to garner unsatisfying results. Job-hunters who want to make the transition to job-getters would be better served spending less time online looking for sample cover letters for employment needs and more time learning the secrets of writing effective cover letters that bring real results. AKA, job interviews and offers.

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