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You want the sales position? Use a powerful sales cover letter!

How ironic! Your best tool to sell yourself is a "sales cover letter." Okay, let's make it work for you. To do this, think of yourself as the product, the Hiring Manager as the potential customer and the sales cover letter as the salesman in print.

First off, you are going to want to demonstrate that you care about the customer. An essential part of this step is to address the sales cover letter to the Hiring Manager by name. The standard, "To Whom It May Concern" is the printed equivalent of just saying "Hey you... buy me!"

Next, you'll want to show that you understand the problem the customer faces (finding a cost-effective way to increase sales). This requires a little research on the company you would like to work for, their market, product line, sales techniques and strategies they employ to help their sales force prosper.

In your sales cover letter, YOU are the product

Prove that you are a fantastic addition the company sales team. Using the experience and education you've listed on your resume, you want to explain how that experience translates directly into a solution for this company. Don't be afraid to use other sales techniques, testimonials, listings of benefits, guarantees, to make your case is as strong as possible.

When you are applying for a sales position don't forget to SELL! Your sales cover letter is actually a sales letter selling YOU to the company.

Describe the next action the company must take to move towards enjoying the benefits of YOU the product. For most sales cover letters, the action you want them to take is to schedule an interview with you so you can demonstrate in person the power of your sales skills.

In other words, sell yourself in your sales cover letter to be interviewed for the position. That is your goal. I recommend you will call the Hiring Manager on a certain day to confirm that he or she will meet with you for an interview. That way, all they have to do is say "yes" for the desired outcome, the interview, to happen.

Finally, don't be afraid to show your sales skill, persistance and passion within your sales cover letter, when making a follow up phone call, and especially during the job interview where you can close the deal! The easiest sale to close is to another sales person!

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