Making Resume Cover Letter Writing
(Almost) Enjoyable!


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Writing resume cover letters doesn't have to be torture.

Resume cover letter writing rarely makes anyone's top ten list of favorite things to do. Actually, it's much more frequently at the other end of the spectrum, somewhere next to getting a root canal or being audited by the IRS.

The fact is that we live in the modern world, and we have to find a job to earn our respective livings. And unless that job happens to be a "B-list celebrity hotel heiress" or "primitive-hunter gatherer in Borneo" we're probably going to have to send a resume and cover letter to get the word out!

Luckily, with just a little bit of expert advice, resume cover letter writing doesn't have to be an unpleasant experience.

Relax... writing a resume cover letter doesn't have to be a 'trip to the dentist.'

People often try to do too much with their resumes and cover letters, and wind up putting more pressure on themselves than they really need to. An expert can help you with this problem by telling you what a cover letter is NOT.

Writing a resume cover letter is NOT about creating a document where you show off your education. It's NOT where you provide your psychological profile and it's NOT where you lay out your business management theories.

ALL resume cover letter writing boils down to is this: Convincing the hiring manager to call you in for a job interview. Specifically, it should explain why you are the candidate or applicant that this company really wants to call in for the interview. With some good advice and examples, writing the interview-getting cover letter your job search deserves can be a snap.

Have the mind-set that your job search goal is to land as many quality job interviews as you need to land the job of your dreams. Resume cover letter writing is all about focusing on this particular goal. After all, you won't be offered the job if you don't get your foot in the door for the interview first.

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