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Using resume cover letter templates for your job search can be a costly mistake.

A resume cover letter template, for many job seekers is supposed to be an "easy way out" of the frustrating and stressful job search process. Namely, after spending hours, if not days or weeks, scrupulously crafting the perfect resume, job-seekers see a classified ad for a job and "throw together" a resume cover letter on the spot using any old resume cover letter template they can copy and paste into their word processing program.

Typical thinking involves getting the cover letter and resume into the hands of the hiring manager as soon as possible. This being the "only way" to get it noticed before the blizzard of competing cover letters and resumes sure to follow in a hurry. Most job-seekers "push the panic button" and give little thought to the resume cover letters they create.

Namely, they rush to the nearest computer, type in Google and do a search for "resume cover letter template."

Resume Cover Letter Templates Rarely Get The Job Done (pun-intended)

Google does what it does best, and the job-seeker searches through thousands of resume cover letter templates for one that best fits their situation. Once they've found it, they simply change a couple of names and words, and then send it off. Sadly, they usually never hear from that Hiring Manager and the job goes to someone else.

What's even worse, now the job-hunter has this resume cover letter template stored somewhere in their computer, probably under a file named "Job Search" and they will continue to use it over and over again, without any success. A vicious and costly cycle!

What makes this story particularly tragic is that the way out of the resume cover letter template trap is as easy as learning a few basic cover letter concepts. For instance, most people searching for a resume cover letter template don't even realize what the real purpose of the cover letter is: Namely to CONVINCE the Hiring Manager to INTERVIEW YOU.

Pretty simple, right?

But if you take a look at the average resume cover letter template, it shows that the people writing those templates don't know this basic fact. If they did, they wouldn't still litter these templates with tired, stale, worn out, snooze-inducing phrases like "I would like to further express my sincere interest in this position." WOW! These stale line are so boring, I almost fell asleep typing it just now.

A Winning Resume Cover Letter Template Formula

Instead of a lot of meaningless puffery, a cover letter needs to start off strong, with an attention-grabbing headline, and then quickly build a solid case why the applicant's specific industry experience can solve the target company's specific business criteria. That's why a personally written cover letter, put together with the help of an expert of some sort, will get the attention of the Hiring Manager, land the interview, and the job. When a personalized letter is in the stack, and is compared with the avalanche of resume cover letter templates that it competes against, the odds increase that the personal attention-getting resume cover letter will get a second glance.

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