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Free examples of resume cover letters should usually be avoided like the plague! But...

...many job seekers spend hours slaving over a hot computer to get their resume "just right," conversly, it's not uncommon for the vast majority of "lazy" job seekers to simply find a resume cover letter example online and send it out after changing a few words. Yikes! Though they may not realize it, what they have just done is sent two contradictory pieces of information to the recipient. A well-crafted resume and cover letter says that this job seeker is concise, organized, qualified and professional. However this reworked resume cover letter example can come under suspicion throwing up a red flag that this person might just be unoriginal, average and quite possibly very lazy! After all, a hiring manager receives multiple copies of stale, dry, flat, boring resumes and cover letters from the Internet every day. While you may find a few decent free examples on the Internet, you're not likely to find anything that will jump out at the hiring manager and scream, "I've got to call this person for an interview immediately before he/she gets away!

An Example Of What A Resume Cover Letter Should Contain

To avoid the trash can or worse yet the dreaded paper shredder, here are some expert examples on how to craft your own original, personalized, interview-landing resume cover letter. A cover letter should reinforce, not contradict, the strong qualities that your resume exudes. For example, with your resume cover letter you have the freedom to show some personality, some pizzaz! You can have a little fun, show your passion and desire in a conversational type of style that shows who YOU are. And I've said this one for years: ASK for the job interview in you resume cover letter. I've never seen an effective example of this technique used in a resume. Resumes simply aren't "built" for personality.

Luckily, these winning elements are simple to master... they just aren't obvious. Which is good news to you when it comes to gaining an edge in your field. Just make sure that every part of your resume cover letter ---from the person you address it to, all the way down to the closing sentence is focused like a laserbeam for getting you the interview.

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