Why The Resume Cover Letter Matters


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Here's exactly what a stellar resume cover letter can do for you...

Sending out a strong resume without an equally strong resume cover letter is like handing somebody a precious diamond hidden in the middle of dog poop! (Forgive me). No matter how strong a candidate you are, if your cover letter doesn't showcase your value, your not going to get that interview... or that job. Resumes cannot do it alone, they are not as personable as well-written cover letters can be.

Writing The Perfect Resume Cover Letter

Luckily, writing and sending out an original, interview-getting resume cover letter is not rocket science. You simply need to have the end result in mind which is the job interview. It doesn't take an investment of hundreds of dollars to a resume cover letter writing service to get you where you want to be. It just takes some simple advice and common sense using the principles and qualities of the truly great job search cover letters.

One principle that eludes many cover letter writers is the principle of saying more with less. Obviously, a one-paragraph cover letter isn't going to give the recipient enough information to know whether he or she should interview you. At the same time, anything over a single page is way, way too much information for a busy professional to take time to read. Never send a resume cover letter that is over one page... NEVER. Never say never? I stand by this "never" as the exception to the rule when it involves cover letters and resumes..:-)

The ideal length is somewhere in between, say, four paragraphs or so. What's more, these paragraphs should be surrounded by plenty of white space. A cover letter like that shows the hiring manager that you have the ability to be concise and to the point which is a quality employees value highly. AND REMEMBER, ALWAYS CLEARLY AND DIRECTLY ASK FOR THE JOB INTERVIEW IN YOUR COVER LETTERS!

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