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Be careful! Most painfully typical resume and cover letter samples can kill your job hunt...

Finding the perfect resume and cover letter sample is a quest that has become an obsession with many job hunters. These seekers search online, thumb through books and pay hundreds of dollars to resume and cover letter writing professionals in their hunt. Their idea is that the only thing standing between them and their dream job is finding these perfect samples.

The fact is, these job hunters are sort of on the right track. A strong, compelling cover letter is definitely one of the most powerful interview-landing weapons in your job hunt arsenal. But they are on the wrong track in terms of how they expect to find these samples. Unfortunately, the brilliant job-getting resume and sparkling, interview-grabbing cover letter are as elusive as getting hiring for the position you truly love... few and far between.

What An Effective Resume And Cover Letter Sample Have In Common

Resumes and cover letters that get phone calls and interviews are highly targeted and specific. The samples you find that can work are the ones you can tweak to show that YOU understand the hiring manager's company tasks, goals etc., associated with the job being offered. What's more these documents clearly and specifically offer YOU as a solution to these issues. And don't be afraid to directly ask for the job interview in your cover letter!

Coming up with a cover letter and resume that accomplish these tasks requires a bit more effort than just finding a sample of each that you like the looks of. Writing each of these requires some research and effort on your part. Additionally, and this is the easiest task, if you'd like an resume and cover letter that will cut through the competition in your field like a hot knife through butter...

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