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How to write professional cover letters like a pro

The problem with a lot of people trying to write a professional cover letter is that they somehow misread the word "professional" to mean "boring and full of fancy words." Trying so hard to impress the reader with their vocabulary and accomplishments, their letter winds up sounding artificial, stale and flat.

Above all, professional cover letters should sound natural

Just like an interview, a cover letter should be an expression of the "real" you. For that reason, it should use the type of language that you would use in conversation with your employer. Would you be likely to tell your boss that you just "initiated" a new project? It's doubtful. Chances are you would say "started." So go ahead and do the same in your cover letter.

One more thing. Just like a face to face meeting, your cover letter should also reflect your passion and "pizzazz." Contrary to what you might think, a hiring manager does not want a cold-blooded business machine clocking in every morning down the hall. He or she wants a person who is going to bring a bit of personality and human warmth to their position and working environment.

So show those things in your cover letter by maintaining an enthusiastic, conversational, relaxed tone throughout the letter. Where it's appropriate, use a little bit of humor -- as long as it is not disparaging or in bad taste. Comared to a stiff, formal, trying-too-hard-to-be a "professional cover letter", a well-written letter with a little spark of life will shine like a diamond in the rough to a hiring manager.

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