Restoring Your Nursing Cover Letter To Health


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Nurse, my nursing cover letter is very sick!

If your job search is in critical condition, your nursing cover letters might need some strong medicine.

If you expect to break into or improve your career in this competitive field, you need to make your nursing cover letter stand out. Otherwise, you could be "nursing" your job search back to health with the "job hunt flu," cookie-cutter nurse cover letters can bring to you.

Just like any other type of industry or field, the nursing cover letter is the one part of your job search presentation that you have complete control over.

Think about it, your experience and passion for the nursing profession is what brought you to this career choice to begin with. Use that kind of passion and caring in your nursing cover letter to show who you are and what you can do.

The powerful nursing cover letter - Your prescription for a healthy career

Your nursing cover letter can be the difference-maker in a higher paying job so make it count. It is your best opportunity to present yourself as you truly are. The one document that can actually show your personality and dedication to the nursing field. Write your letter as if you are speaking to someone about how much you love what you do. Then ASK for the opportunity to be interviewed for the position being offered. Your cover letter can single-handedly land you more job interviews and job offers than any other document so take the time to write a terrific nursing cover letter.

Read these to yourself out loud:

1. I am an intelligent and CLEAR COMMUNICATOR. Unlike a copy-cat, generic cover letter off the Internet, a well crafted nursing cover letter shows that you can think and write with clarity. Since one of a nurse's vital jobs is to record a patient's condition, this is a valuable skill to demonstrate to a potential employer.

2. I have a PASSION for the practice of nursing. A cover letter lets you explain in human terms why you want to work as a nurse and the enthusiasm that you bring to the job every day.

3. I have a spark of PERSONALITY and pizzazz. Your hand-crafted, personalized nursing cover letter displays your sense of humor and energy giving it a chance to shine.

Nursing your cover letter back to health is a lot like taking care of your patients. Communication, friendliness and attention to detail will get the job done.

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