A Killer Medical Cover Letter: Your Prescription For A Healthy Job Search?


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An attention-getting, well-written medical cover letter could very well be the secret weapon you need to truly take advantage of the fast-growing and high paying health care field. For several years now the one area of the economy that has continued to grow has been the health care field. Job openings exist for all areas of this field, not just doctors.

Nurses, orderlies, nurse supervisors, hospital technicians, pharmacists, laboratory techs, and health care specialists of every type are all in demand. Well-written cover letters will land the job interview for the smart job seeker in these competitive fields.

With that in mind, someone might be tempted to think that their medical dream job would be theirs just for the asking, right?


Just like in every other field, the demand for skilled professionals has stimulated a growth in applicants all going after the best of those jobs.

As a result, it's not enough to simply get the training and experience for the job. As a medical job candidate, you've got to prove that you are the best choice for the job. A super-duper medical cover letter is the best way to do this.

A Great Medical Cover Letter Inoculates You Against Job Search Failure

When you send our your job application package off to a potential employer, 99% of the things that are in it are items that you don't have a whole lot of control over.

Take your resume, for instance. You can tweak it and perfect it all you want, but your resume is really nothing more than a well-presented story of your career life and qualifications, which you can't really change. Your transcript, your certifications, your references, all these are written by someone else about you.

A Killer Medical Cover Letter Is Your Chance To Shine

Your cover letter, however, is different. It's the one item that you have complete control over. As a result, you can use it to make the case that you are the best candidate possible for the medical job.


By using your medical cover letter as a super selling tool!

Here's how.

First, just like a salesperson would, your medical cover letter should introduce you to the reader in a friendly, professional and memorable manner.

Second, also like a salesman, this letter should work to draw a link between the experience and skills that you have and the problem that the business faces. Once you can establish in your medical cover letter that you will be able to come in and start solving business problems for the employer immediately, you are halfway home to being hired.

Thirdly, the letter should show your PASSION and ENTHUSIASM for the job. The medical field is full of stress and long hours. Only someone who LOVES helping other people get better will ultimately succeed and thrive in the field. Make sure that your letter clearly demonstrates that you are that person.

You've Got Them Where You Want Them, Now Make Your Move With Cover Letters That SELL

Lastly, just like a salesman "puts the customer on the spot" and makes him or her "sign on the dotted line" an effective medical cover letter clearly tells the reader what he or she needs to do to move the process forward of hiring you and putting you to work solving problems. In particular, this means ASKING for the interview, directly, and giving the reader the directions they need to get in touch with you.

A medical cover letter that does all these things will blow away all the other cover letters that are in the hiring manager's inbox.

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