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Make a cover letter that speaks to the employer, and that employer will speak to you.

When it comes time to make a cover letter, many people have a fear of writing their own. Unsure of what to say and fearful of making a mistake, they take the easy way of copying a letter that they find on the Web. Unfortunately, with so many job seekers doing the exact same thing, these copy-cat letters cancel each other out and wind up sharing a trash can in a corner office.

However, once you know a couple of key guidelines, you can make a cover letter that stays on the desk while the others head off to the recycling center.

These guidelines will make a cover letter better... guaranteed

Be Brief. Two pages is way, way too long. One full page is actually pushing it. Three or four paragraphs is perfect, with lots of white space around the margins. This makes it easy on the reader for scanning and time constraints.

Get to the point. This isn't your life's resume it is a cover letter, so be clear and concise in your intentions. You would like the opportunity to have an interview for the position being offered. The sooner you say that in the letter the more likely the reader will get to it before he or she loses interest.

Stay company focused. The hiring manager wants to hire someone for his or her company, not some generic, hypothetical company. So demonstrate that you have done the research and know this business and the position being made available.

State what you can do for them. Specifically how you will perform the tasks and handle the responsibilities that this particular position requires. Maybe you have a solution to a certain problem you know this company is facing.

Ask for the interview. A good place to do this is with a P.S. at the bottom of your letter. Remember, getting the interview is the whole point of the cover letter in the first place so ask for it!

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