A Typical Internship Cover Letter Sample Only Teaches How NOT To Get The Job


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How internship cover letter samples can make you look bad!

An internship is a smart way for a student to get valuable work experience before they enter the workforce. Using an internship cover letter sample you've downloaded off the web, however, isn't necessarily the smart way to get it.

That's because the typical internship cover letter sample doesn't have what it takes to get the internship interview. The usual internship cover letter sample, you see, is written to be broadly applicable to a lot of different businesses.

The average internship cover letter sample usually lacks the sales strength to land the interview

Supervisor-impressing, interview-grabbing cover letters, on the other hand, are written to be CLEAR and FOCUSED. First, they are addressed to a specific person who has the power to grant the job interview. Starting off with "Dear Sir/Madam," (like many generic cover letter templates do) simply isn't strong enough. There has to be some compelling reason to grant the interview in a sea of applications and most internship cover letter samples are weak at best.

You want to explain in specific ways how you have a passion for this industry, you have researched the company and would love the opportunity to be interviewed and hired as an intern. Start by finding out the name of the person to send your internship cover letter to and do some research to create specific content for your letter that will show you are a "go-getter." Just sending out a typical internship cover letter sample you grabbed off the Internet won't cut the mustard.

Most internship cover letter samples come across as stale, 'cookie-cutter' and boring

Remember this: ALL effective job search cover letters focus on getting the reader to take one, specific action -- namely, to grant YOU the interview. The most simple, straightforward way to do this is to come straight out and ASK for it. This is one element that an average internship cover letter sample will sorely lack.

To get that internship that will help to make your future resume shine when it's time to enter the "real world" you are going to have to ignore the internship cover letter samples and write a REAL letter for yourself. Consider it another learning experience and remember to display persistence and passion which will in turn create good luck for you.

Now get out there and create your own good luck!

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