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Here's how to write good cover letters without the struggle.

For most of us, when it comes to topic of, "how to write a good cover letter", this is not one of those key subjects that was covered in high school or college. Which is too bad, frankly, because for the average person, statistics show that they should learn how to write good cover letters since they will apply for new jobs several times in their career. By contrast, how many times does the average person find themselves using Geometry or Algebra? How many times over the course of your life will you use complicated math equations compared to the number of times that you have to find a new job or change careers? I find this comparison humorous, amazing and sad.

As a result of this lack of real-world education, many people get taken advantage of when they try to figure out how to write a good cover letter. They are sold on using some expensive cover letter and resume writing services, or find a lot of tired, ineffective, boring templates thinking that these are the answers to their frustrating job hunt.

How to Write a Good Cover Letter Tip #1

The reality is that learning how to write a good cover letter is pretty easy once you master a few basic principles and concepts. The first rule is simple: The purpose of job search cover letters is to get the company to call the applicant for an interview. For this reason, every element of your letter should be performing one of two jobs. Either it should be attracting attention, which starts with the first sentence, or it should be selling YOU for the opportunity to be interviewed for the job opening. Remember, you must get your foot in the company door to have any chance at landing the job. This is where learning how to write a good cover letters effectively can turbo-charge your job search.

The opening of your cover letter should specifically address the person by name that makes the interview appointments. Get an actual person's name and use it whenever possible in your letters. This will personalize your cover letter and attract attention in a way that "Dear Sir/Madam" simply can never accomplish.

How To Write A Good Cover Letter Tip #2

Start strong, and keep building. The opening sentence, should GRAB the reader's attention and this alone will almost always keep them reading further.

The second paragraph should sell YOU, the candidate, explaining quickly and clearly what your experience is, and why this makes you the solution for the company's hiring vacancy. As a further selling point, one of your paragraphs should demonstrate that you love what you do and will bring a lot of passion and commitment to this employer.

The last paragraph should tell the hiring manager what to do next, namely to contact you for an interview as soon as possible. This "call to action" should be clear and direct. Make your contact information easy to locate.

After taking the reader through this little journey, in which the only logical response the hiring manager has is to pick up the telephone and contact you, your letter should end with one final, powerful shot.

How To Write A Good Cover Letter Tip #3

A postscript or P.S as it's usually referred too, is the final, sizzling summary that can condense everything in the letter that you've tried to communicate already. Most importantly, don't forget to end your P.S. with a direct request to be interviewed for the position being offered. Now THAT'S how to end your letter effectively and exactly how to write a good cover letter. Once these simple concepts and ideas are put into practice, many new doors of opportunity will open up for you.

So put a premium on learning how to write a good cover letter and you will reap the rewards for the rest of your career.

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