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Many free sample resume cover letters can be made excellent with just a few changes.

So you've found a free sample resume cover letter on the Internet and want to send it out? Great! I hope it will land you many quality job interviews. However, just to be on the safe side, lets give it some teensy-weensy changes to ensure its success.

Let's start by fixing the ADDRESS and SALUTATION. Your cover letter needs to be addressed to a specific person, by name. "To Whom It May Concern" or "Sir/Madam" won't cut it. If you can't be bothered to find out who you need to send your letter to, chances are good they can't be bothered to interview you.

The next area that needs work is the BODY of the letter. An interview-getting cover letter works its magic when it is company-focused and problem-specific and clearly asks for the interview. That is to say, the letter makes a case why you are the best available solution to the problems that the hiring manager is facing at the moment.

How a free sample resume cover letter should be rewritten to win the job.

While rewriting the free sample, make sure to the letter is BRIEF, CONCISE, and TO THE POINT. It should also use the sorts of ACTION WORDS that express the energy, personality and passion that you will bring into the workplace. The typical free sample resume cover letter doesn't usually fit these categories, so you're going to have to rewrite most of the letter.

The CLOSING will probably need some work as well. The letter should end with a description of how the two of you will set up the interview. As a general rule, I advise job-seekers to make it extremely easy for the Hiring Manager to set it up. Something like, "Can we schedule an interview at your earliest convenience? I would love the opportunity to meet and discuss the position with you."

Final thoughts on using a free sample resume cover letter for your very own.

After the closing and your signature, I highly suggest you add a P.S. at the bottom of your letter. This is something few free sample resume cover letters already have. In this P.S. you quickly summarize your qualifications, desire to meet and make another request for the interview.

Now we've changed the address line, salutation, body copy, closing and have added the powerful P.S. to the end.

That should just about whip your free sample cover letter resume into shape. Next time, though, you might be better off just getting some expert advice and/or writing your own from the beginning.

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