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Why free resume cover letters may not be worth the paper you print them on!

If you are a stressed out job hunter (a very common creature these days) a free resume cover letter from a book or website might seem like just what you need for your interview-getting efforts. After all, you've probably just spent a lot of your time and energy getting your resume "just perfect." So what you want right now is the quickest way to get it in the hands of the hiring manager.

And it is true that a free resume cover letter is a quick way to get your name in front of someone with the power to call you in for an interview. All you have to do is make some quick changes to this letter, print it out and stick it in the mail with your resume.

What Free Resume Cover Letter Really Says About You

The question is, what is a hiring manager going to think about you when this cookie-cutter resume and cover letter hits his or her desk? If your letter is a copy of the hundreds of other boring cover letters that land on his or her desk most of the time, they are probably NOT going to be thinking, "hey, we must get this person in here for an interview today!"

The problem with most free resume cover letter samples that are floating around out there is that they are written to be generic samples that fit a whole lot of different situations and business. By contrast, the most effective, interview-landing cover letters are written to be as SPECIFIC as possible. They are addressed to a SPECIFIC person. They describe that person's SPECIFIC business problems. They describe SPECIFICALLY why you offer the perfect solution to this company's job offering.

If you can't get that level of focus with a free resume cover letter sample, my SPECIFIC advice to you is simple, leave it for your competitors to use and get some expert advice on how to write a one-of-a-kind letter that actually works hard to get your foot in that company door!

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