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Few pros, many cons to using free cover letter templates...

Let's imagine that you are a hurried, frenzied job hunter wanting to send off your resume NOW, and the missing piece of the puzzle is the cover letter. YIPPIE, you've just found a free cover letter template you are considering using. But, in all your money saving excitement, you can't see the "danger sign" up ahead! This template isn't the most exciting cover letter ever written, but you need something fast and a cover letter isn't that big a deal... right?


Hey, what's the worst that can happen from using a free cover letter template?

Well, the cover letter police won't come knocking on your door to lock you up in cover letter jail. But your potential employer, the one who has the power to land you your dream job, probably won't come calling either.

What's wrong with a free cover letter template if you just "fix it up?"

The typical free cover letter template is so full of stock, canned phrases that are used over and over in other cover letter templates -- things like "enclosed please find my resume." Just try to imagine saying that in any other situation and you will get a sense of how artificial and boring it is.

And just in case you hadn't got the memo, "artificial" and "boring" are not the effect that you should be going for in your job search communications.

Letters that fit these "snooze button" categories generally wind up being fed directly into the office paper-shredder, instead of into the hands of the hiring manager. Instead you want a cover letter that is described with words like "clear," "original" and "persuasive."

The good news is that writing a letter like this is easier than you might think. The bad news, however, is that you're not likely to write it by copying a free cover letter template, and at best, it is a shaky foundation to lay your job search hopes upon.

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