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Your free cover letter examples just might be the kiss of death for your job search!

Let's suppose that you are a job hunter who has gone online and you are thrilled to have found a free cover letter example. Hurray? Yippee?? Don't celebrate too quickly, these free examples can cost you a fortune as you spend more time in the unemployment zone. At first you are excited and might be thinking what sort of changes you need to make to improve this freebie before you send it out as the interview getting document it's supposed to be written for. The answer to that question, naturally, depends on the condition of this deadly "free cover letter example" you'll fallen head over heels for! :-)

Free Cover Letter Examples. "Till job search death do us part..." :-)

Based on the quality of the average free cover letter example out there waiting to ruin many a job search, chances are you should run for the hills. However, if you'd like to tweak one of these examples into a winning cover letter here are a few solid suggestions:

Your Free Cover Letter Example Makeover!

Make sure to address your cover letter to a real live human being whenever possible. Avoid the "Dear Sir/Madam" if you can. Start your letter using a bold sentence that serves as a headline. Keep this first sentence on it's own line above the first paragraph. Make this sentence bold and enticing.

From the name of the person that you send the letter to all the way down to the closing of your letter you should be focused on what you can do for this company and why you would love the opportunity for an interview. It should demonstrate that you have researched the company and learned their history, goals, specific business problems, etc. It should also say in specific detail how you could help it to solve these problems. Keep your letters brief. One page maximum. Ask for the job interview clearly and directly towards the closing of your letter. Unless the free cover letter example you find contains some or most of these crucial elements, it's better to start from scratch.

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