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Why YOUR free cover letter could be the kiss of career death...

An Internet career search often turns up dozens of "free cover letter" results. To the frazzled job searcher, these might seem like a dream come true. But it's worth considering whether you should use a cover letter template just because you got it for nothing. After all, this letter represents your most important interview-grabbing tool.

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So it's worth asking a few questions about the cover letter sample you are thinking about using. First, is the cover letter focused and directed? If I could drive home just one point to job hunters, it would be this: The only purpose of a cover letter is to get a job interview. Every line of the letter, starting with the address, needs to be focused and directed on that single goal.

Second, is this free cover letter personalized? A job-getting cover letter tells the Hiring Manager that the writer understands that Manager's specific, personal business needs and can fill them. That's a lot to ask from a free sample off the Web or out of a book.

Lastly, is this free cover letter fresh and original? Hiring managers get hundreds of cover letters a week. If your letter looks just like every other stale, over-copied letter on their desk it's probably going to join those letters in the trash can.

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