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Fax cover letter tips for when email and snail mail might not be an option...

There are times when you are responding to a job advertisement that specifically says "Fax cover letter and resume" to a specific fax number. In those cases, you really don't have a choice. You punch in those numbers on a fax machine, feed in your cover letter and hope for the best.

Should You Mail, Email, Or Fax Your Cover Letter? What works best... and when?

You get to choose between mail, email and fax delivery and here's how I see it. Regular, old-fashioned, snail mail has a couple of advantages. For starters, it gives you more chances to make a good impression. A a nice envelope with a neatly printed address label, you might want to be taking notes here, and quality paper all add to the image of professionalism that you are trying to put across.

On the downside, regular mail is called "snail mail" for a reason... it's slooooooow.

At the same time, if you email your resume and cover letter this can have its benefits, too. The first is speed. Once you hear of an opening or a possible contact within a particular company, you can zip over your cover letter and resume in a single cyber-second.

However, the downside is that it's just as speedily and easily deleted with the click of a mouse. While most people will at least hold onto a nice letter with their hands at least giving it a once-over before tossing it, there is no such hesitation with email. If the reader isn't immediately grabbed by what he or she sees, it is deleted as fast as you sent it over.

Anyway, back to the fax cover letter. The fax cover letter falls somewhere in between the snail mail and email cover letter extremes. It's a tangible piece of paper, so might get that split second of interest before it's tossed. At the same time, it can be put into a potential employer's hands because it is tangible.

As a general rule, using a fax cover letter is a good idea if you know of an opening and want to beat the rush of mailed letters, AND you want your cover letter to have a little more "bulk" than just another message sitting in the email in-box.

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