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A well-written employment cover letter can land you the job all by itself

In every field of employment, cover letter writing skills can give you an almost "unfair advantage" over the people competing for the job against you. That's because an effective employment cover letter can make you really stand out at the first crucial step of the hiring process... after all this first step is where the hiring manager makes the decisions on whom to interview.

In many cases, it is the sparkling, original, convincing cover letter that directly results in getting that call to come in. And that's because, unlike a resume, which is a formal, systemized list of education and accomplishments, a cover letter lets you express your personality to your prospective employer.

How a top notch employment cover letter can get the job done! (Pun intended) :-)

A well-written, dynamic letter expresses your enthusiasm and intelligence, a sizzling employment cover letter speaks "outloud" to this prospective employer. (And here's what it says, "I'm a person who can think and communicate well.")

Here's what they will say about you, "Get him or her in here for an interview now!"

A stiff, flat, boring employment cover letter speaks to this prospective employer as well. Unfortunately, it says things like "this person doesn't have anything original to say." Or "this person copied this letter out of a book."

To write a result-getting employment cover letter, you are going to need to make a couple of commitments. The first one is to put as much importance on the letter as you do the resume you send with it. The second is to take the time to get expert guidance on how you can write a concise, focused, targeted, interview-getting cover letter.

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