The Education Cover Letter: Lesson One


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How education cover letters should NOT be written

People writing an education cover letter mistakenly think that they are writing a "show off their education cover letter." Thinking single-mindedly since they are teachers they should write with perfect English, and so they obsess over writing with the most formal, education style sentences humanly possible.

As a result, these letters come out reading stale and dull and like every other boring cover letter that hits the superintendent's desk.

Lesson Two: An education cover letter must be INTERESTING to read just like every other kind of cover letter, no, make that every kind of letter, period, the first requirement of an education cover letter is to be clear and READABLE. Naturally, you want to avoid making any grammatical errors (especially if you are applying for a job as an English teacher) but other than that, your letter should be conversational in tone.

This means using the same sorts of words that you would likely use in a normal conversation with the superintendent or principal. Would you be likely to say "I instructed students in Math"? Probably not.

It's more likely that you would say you "taught Math." So do the same in your education cover letter.

For the same reason, do not be afraid to show a little bit of personality in your education cover letter as well. Within reason, you should demonstrate the passion and pizzazz that your resume can't show. This personality is what makes you a human being, not just another grammatically correct applicant. After all, people don't hire a letter or a resume they hire a person. Make sure your education cover letter shows your enthusiasm and passion you have for the teaching profession and you'll stand out like a shining star.

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