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The customer service cover letter, what to do, what to write?

Customer service is, in its most basic sense, the practice of figuring out what the customer wants and giving it to him or her in a way that satisfies the customer. Not coincidentally, that is EXACTLY the same process that a job applicant should use to write a customer service cover letter. However, in the case of customer service cover letters, the "customer" is the hiring manager who can grant the job interview!

What this customer wants is simple. He or she wants an employee that can solve the business problems the company faces. As a potential customer service employee, your first step is to find out what those issues are. This typically requires some research and thought about the industry and the specific company you are applying to work for.

Applying customer service principles to the customer service cover letter

Once you know what sort of issues the hiring manager is hoping to solve within the position being offered, your customer service cover letters can point out clearly and persuasively why you are best suited to solve these challenges. Referring to the contents of your resume, without simply rehashing them, your letter describes the way that experience directly translates to performing the tasks the hiring manager will hire for.

The customer service cover letter should clearly and directly ask the hiring manager for an interview. The best path to do this is in a way that makes it very easy and convenient for the "customer" to receive what he or she wants. An effective strategy is to promise to call on a certain day in order make sure he or she has received your application.

Don't forget to follow up every job lead, interview and contact. If you are the type of individual that likes to be in customer service, make sure you communicate this loud and clear in your customer service cover letter. Let the potential employer know you are that one friendly "people person" they have been looking for! Once you can get your foot in the door for the interview, you will be able to display these attributes in person and win the job.

How about showing a sense of humor when you shake hands with the hiring manager for the interview. Start by saying, "Hello my name is Jimmy Jobseeker, I am here to discuss the customer service position, how may I help you? :-)

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