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All covering letter samples are not created equal!

A covering letter sample is the British term for what Americans would call a cover letter sample. Like cover letter samples, a covering letter sample provides a basis for job-seekers to write the letter that will go with their CV and secure a job interview and likewise for the twin of the CV, the resume. Also like the cover letter, the covering letter to the dismay of many, does not provide the "magic key" to a job seeker's success in the UK or America!

The fact is whether you call them cover letters or covering letters these documents are your one opportunity to request that the Hiring Manager give you the chance for a job interview. You simply can't do this with your CV or resume. Hiring Managers are looking for reasons to discard your applications and to stand out from that crowd, you have to send a covering letter that not only starts off with an attention grabbing headline but you must clearly, directly ask for the opportunity to be interviewed. Or, you are simply using the "wait and hope" lottery method that 99% of all job seekers employ.

A Covering Letter Sample Checklist That Will Put You On Track

First, an effective covering letter is one that is focused like a laser beam on getting that interview. This focus starts with the address line, which is always addressed to a real person. It continues all the way to the signature, which is always in blue or black ink. And it should end by asking for that elusive phone call!

Second, your covering letter needs to maintain this focus by quickly hitting specific points, one by one. It shows that you understand the company, it demonstrates that you are the solution to their hiring needs, it provides an action plan for the manager to want to call you. It's rare that you would stumble across a free covering letter sample online that meets these standards. And rather than tweak a bunch of stale samples you find online, if you're really serious about your job search, you better get serious about your covering letter and leave the samples for the birds.

Finally, your covering letter must clearly ASK for the job interview. You never know what the response will be until you ask. This is where most applicants fall short and fail to generate many job interviews. When you actually bring up the topic in your covering letter and ask for the opportunity to schedule an interview you are focusing the readers attention on the one result you are looking for. Simple and magical! I'd be willing to bet, you'll never find a covering letter sample that contains this one secret ingredient. Use it for yourself in all of your covering letters.

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