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Cover letters are the one document that job hunters DO NOT spend a lot of time obsessing over. They may buy a book chock full of samples and advice on how to write them. They may go online to find examples that they can tweak and send out for themselves. Sometimes they even pay experts a pretty penny to write the letters for them.

Why Cover Letters ARE a big deal

Many times it is NOT the resume but the cover letter that is the first and only way to communicate with the person with the power to hire you for your dream job. This is why cover letters matters folks!

What's unfortunate is that often this lack of concern often translates into missed opportunity that can wind up costing the job searcher a lot of time and money, not to mention a chance at the job they really desire. In general, out of fear and afraid of making a mistake, job searchers simply copy a typical cover letter they find in some book or grab some free cover letter they find on the Internet. Everyone does this!

At the other extreme, these job hunters are so afraid of writing a bad cover letter that they spend a fortune on experts to do the writing for them. The thing is, once you master some simple principles, you realize just how easy it is to write original cover letters that have snap and interview-pulling power that does make a huge difference.

Cover letters are more important than resumes!

Bet you've never heard someone say that before! I firmly believe that a well-written cover letter is more important than a resume. Good cover letters are like effective sales letters. They are the only job search document with the flexibility to SELL an employer into interviewing YOU for the job. A resume is not built to sell. Cover letters should focus on landing the job interview. Write your cover letter as if you were trying to convince a friend that you would like to get together and discuss something very important and you won't take no for an answer. Cover letters deserve some serious attention if you're serious about your job hunt.

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