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Use these little known, secret tips to land the job of your dreams!

Did you know that practically 99% of all job seekers follow the same old predictable pattern when it comes to searching for a job? They send their cover letter and resume ONE TIME and one time only, to no one in particular or to "Whom it may concern," and then utilize the "wait and hope" method.

Well today, you're about to discover my 5 little known cover letter tips and telephone secrets for landing any job your heart desires.

The following is my secret "bag of job search tricks"-- packaged just for you. Pull out each hot tip and let them work their magic. They'll give you a HUGE advantage over the job-seeking competition. But beware, you may find your phone ringing off the hook with interview requests, and you may just land the job of your dreams!

SECRET #1—The "special place" to send your cover letter and resume.

This "special place" is actually... the office of the specific person who schedules the company's job interviews!

That's right... an actual living, breathing, decision-making person. Address all of your cover letters to each specific individual by NAME!

Most people address their cover letters like this: To whom it may concern: Dear Sirs: Dear hiring manager: Dear etc., etc... YAWN... ZZZZzzzzzzzz..:-)

What do these job hunters have in common? Blindfolds! If they happen to hit the desired target, it's a lucky shot. You first need to find out where the bullseye is, then you can take aim and fire away!

You've got to know WHAT you're searching for and exactly WHO you're sending your cover letter and resume to whenever possible. Take the time to find out!

COVER LETTER TIP: Keep your cover letters Personal, Friendly, Enthusiastic and Brief (one page max). I REPEAT, personal, friendly, enthusiastic and brief! And don't be afraid to actually ASK for the interview towards the end of your cover letter.


That's right! Send the same person another cover letter and resume.

This is referred to as a "pre-interview" follow-up cover letter. As a rule of thumb, wait 10 days to 2 weeks and if you have not been called for an interview, send the same person a "follow-up cover letter" along with your resume giving you a SECOND CHANCE at the job! So simple and SO powerful.

A "follow-up cover letter" will mathematically DOUBLE your chances of getting interviewed. You'll be doing what 99% of all job-seekers simply don't take the time to do.

Doesn't this make perfect sense? Take the time to contact the company you'd like to work for TWICE and you are likely to get noticed the second time around. Most job seekers just give up after sending in one cover letter and resume for the job. Don't make that mistake, especially when it's so easy to send a follow-up cover letter.

FOLLOW-UP COVER LETTER TIP: The only change you make to the follow-up cover letter from the original cover letter is in the first paragraph. Write to the same person that you are following up after your first contact - letting him or her know that you're still interested and available for the job being offered.

SECRET #3 -- How to use the "old fashioned" telephone to DIAL AN INTERVIEW!

How would you like to do something really special and memorable? Get on the phone and make a "follow-up PHONE CALL" as well! If you want the job you've got to go after it. This important and easy step--making a phone call--will insure that you are a persistent and responsible go-getter--a person any company would want to hire.

I can't imagine any company that is NOT looking for that type of employee. By following up on your first contact you are not only twice as likely to get noticed and interviewed, but you are sure to make a positive impression.

FOLLOW UP PHONE CALL TIP: Make this phone call a few days after you send your follow-up cover letter. Phone the same person you have contacted the first time with your intial cover letter and resume. Remind this person about all of your efforts to land the opportunity for the job interview. State again your serious interest and enthusiasm for the position being offered and politely but directly ask for a personal interview.

SECRET #4 -- TRIPLE your chances of getting hired with...

The "Post-Interview Cover letter!"

Here's a completely overlooked and incredibly effective cover letter that can single-handedly land you the job.

After any job interview, simply send the interviewer a "Post-Interview Cover letter" that says THANK YOU for the opportunity. Restate your passion, enthusiasm, availability and interest in being hired for the job! And of course, I encourage you to make a Post-Interview PHONE CALL as well. If the interview went especially well, comment on that too.

How can a company resist taking the chance on hiring someone who shows so much positive energy for landing the job? Hopefully by now you're becoming an irresistible candidate if you've tactfully used all of these follow up methods to the best of your ability.

POST-INTERVIEW COVER LETTER TIP: Address this cover letter by name to the person who conducted the interview. You also want to keep these cover letters friendly, enthusiastic and very brief (one or two paragraphs max). Don't be afraid to ASK for the job! Oooh, how scary! :-)


Use Secrets 1-4 over and over targeting companies you have a passion to work for. Otherwise your job search lacks direction and focus. Dare to be different and PERSISTENT. Go after your dreams with passion and action, otherwise you are simply joining the masses in the typical, stressful, disappointing search for another... J-O-B!

Confucius said it best...

"Find a job you love and you'll never work a day in your life!"

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