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Here's one of my all-time best cover letter tips.

How would you like a cover letter tip that, all by itself, will make your cover letter more effective than 99% of all other cover letters flooding into hiring managers' offices? Well, Here it is:

P.S. -- It really works!

Let me explain. Adding a P.S. -- or Post Script -- after your signature really works to get the attention of the person reading it. And if that P.S. is a short, direct and clearly worded summary of your letter and request for an interview, that attention is pretty likely to result in getting the meeting you want.

Why this cover letter tip works wonders

Many people have asked me why this little cover letter tip works so well, and I'd have to say I believe the general public has been trained by highly skilled marketers to read EVERY P.S. they see at the end of a letter. Many times they read the P.S. first!

This one cover letter tip can turbo charge your job search. Use the P.S. to clearly and directly ASK for the job interview and provide your contact number as well. This is a fresh way to appeal to employers that tips the balance in your favor towards landing the all-important job interview. The P.S. lets a busy Hiring Manager skip reading the body copy and cut right to the chase in that one quick sentence. It works with hiring managers like a charm. A job seeker who uses a P.S. in his or her cover letter is utilizing one of the strongest marketing strategies known to man.

Recently one job-seeker asked me a question regarding the use of a PS in his cover letter. He said, "don't you think a Hiring Manager would just 'cringe' if he or she saw a PS being used in a cover letter?" I had to laugh. It was obvious to me that this gentleman was caught up in the "heavily professional" mode. I find it humorous when job-seekers struggle to write their cover letters using the biggest words they can find in the dictionary as if this will impress the reader! It will have the opposite effect. No one wants to read a letter they can barely understand and a Hiring Manager is no different. So please get off the "professional" obsession and write like you would speak to a friend. This is a simple, powerful cover letter tip that you should take to heart now! This cover letter tip can be the difference maker in your job search. It all starts with getting your foot in the company door and a well crafted P.S. will get noticed and read above all other sentences. So make sure yours packs an interview-grabbing punch!

P.S. If you think this sounds crazy, here's a tip for you... try it for yourself and see how many interviews you get!

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