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Your cover letter template is NOT one size fits all!

Here are a few BIG mistakes people make writing cover letters using templates...

Frustrated job seekers, wondering why they aren't getting job interviews, often go hunting for a better "cover letter template." Using this new template, these applicants write up a new batch of cover letters that get no response either. Maybe these job hunters should consider that the problem isn't the cover letter template, it's how the job hunter is using it.

The dictionary defines a template as "a document or file used as a starting point for a particular application." And the key phrase in that is "starting point." A cover letter template can get someone going, but can't take them all the way to having an amazing, attention-grabbing, interview-getting cover letter.

Why A Typical Cover Letter Template Isn't Enough

Interview-grabbing cover letters are focused, personalized, concise and original. They show the Hiring Manager that YOU are the one to call for the job interview.

What's more, there is an art and science to turning that letter into an interview. There are tricks to finding the real, live person that needs to receive your letter. There are secrets of politely contacting that person again and again to until they do call to interview you. Without expert advice on these simple, little known job-hunting techniques, finding yet another typical cover letter template won't do you much good at all.

Cover letter templates: Use with caution!

The reason so many job seekers type the words, "cover letter template" into the search engines is because they are so focused on their resumes and don't give their cover letters the respect they need and deserve. I believe that a well-written cover letter is actually MORE important than the resume! I'll bet you've never heard or read that statement before. Treat your cover letters with care. Write them as if your job search success depends on it! A well-written cover letter is like a great sales letter. It stimulates, commands attention and asks for a direct response from the reader. And in most cases, the response you are asking for is the opportunity to be interviewed for the position being offered. How many cover letter templates that you come across contain these critical elements?

My advice to you: Let your competition rework these stale, flat, boring cover letter templates everyone uses for their job search while you take the extra care in creating an amazing cover letter for yourself. This is the way to take control of your job search as opposed to "hoping" the phone will ring with job interview requests.

Stay confident, be persistent and remember to FOLLOW UP everything!

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