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Why your FREE cover letter sample could "cost you" a fortune...

Sometimes the search for the ultimate cover letter sample takes a back seat to the obsession job hunters have in their quest for the perfect resume. Hoping for that magic document that will open all doors to an interview, these job hunters go online, haunt bookstores and consult professional resume cover letter writing services for this unstoppable letter.

Unfortunately, no one is likely to find this perfect cover letter sample for free. Instead, what these people usually find are the same stale samples that hiring managers have seen hundreds if not thousands of times. If your letter is one of these run-of-the-mill cover letters, don't be surprised if it joins the rest of the stack being fed right into the paper shredder..

Beyond The Cover Letter Sample Frenzy

Instead of seeking out a cover letter sample a person can copy, job seekers are better served learning the quick, easy secrets of creating a sparkling, interview-landing letter from scratch themselves. One example of these simple principles that often trip up cover letter writers is opening with a strong leading sentence... a headline.

Great Sample Cover Letter Tips

Instead of the same old "Enclosed please find my resume" or "For your consideration for the position of" really write an opening that grips the reader. This will nearly guarantee that your letter will get read. And getting your cover letter read is a vital first step toward getting that all-important interview.

Lastly, I want you to keep in mind that sample cover letters you will find in all the typical books, web sites and job seekers' resource areas are NOT the way for you to stand out from your competition. Why? Because that's what they are most likely using as well! If you want to truly stand out, you must be different. And being different is as simple as letting your personality and passion shine through in your cover letter where everyone else so caught up in appearing "professional." The more professional and "stiff" your cover letter reads, the more you lack the attention-getting ingredients necessary to rise above the competition. Write your cover letters like you are having an enthusiastic conversation with a friend. Companies love a person who is excited about the opportunity to work for them. Show them your excitement and leave the dreaded cover letter samples for your competition to "dazzle" them with! :-)

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