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Don't sell yourself short with a stale cover letter sales sample. If you are out selling yourself to get a great sales job, "cover letter for sales job samples" might seem like a very attractive shortcut to take. But beware, as the saying goes, "the problem with shortcuts is that they take you places that you didn't intend to go."

The Cover Letter Sales Sample Message: Two Choices

In the case of the cover letter for sales job samples, the cover letter that you WANT to send and NEED to send to get hired says something about you. Namely, it says "I am an experienced salesperson, I understand the psychology of selling, I am creative, bright, committed and dedicated to meeting goals and achieving success."

In other words, a cover letter that conveys that message about you is, or at least should be, your destination.

Using the shortcut of a cover letter for sales job sample, however might take you somewhere besides that destination. Judging from the cover letter sales samples letters out there on the internet and in various books, the place it takes you might instead be a letter that in effect says "I am lazy and unoriginal and incapable of expressing myself. Instead, I look for examples of other people's words and use them for myself no matter how old and tired and worn out those words sound."

For a sales job searcher, that is the last destination you want to be.

Why Great Sales Cover Letters Work And Stale Samples Can Hurt Your Efforts

If it is well written, the sales cover letter acts as a super salesman that makes the product (you) practically irresistible to the customer (the hiring manager). Think about the typical stages of the selling process, and you'll see that the same principles can be applied to the sales cover letter.

The first one is to get the customer's undivided attention so that the sales message can be heard. In a sales cover letter, this is accomplished by writing an opening line that intrigues and impresses the hiring manager and practically compels them to keep reading.

Secondly, the master seller convinces the customer that the seller understands the problem that the customer faces. This creates a rapport, and shows that the seller understands the customers' needs. Once that understanding is established, the master seller unveils the solution to that problem --- his product. In a sales cover letter, this step consists of linking your experience and qualifications to the business problems that the hiring manager faces. Remember, you are the product!

A Great Sales Letter Sample Inspires a Specific Action: So does your sales cover letter!

Lastly, the master seller compels the customer to make a decision and take an action immediately. Whether it is pulling out cash, writing a check or signing on the dotted line, the seller lets the customer know exactly what is expected from him or her to receive the solution. For sales cover letters, this step consists of asking the hiring manager for the interview then telling him or her how to reach the candidate.

Putting together a letter that can act as the super seller described above isn't difficult. In fact, once you've mastered a few basic principles you should be able to write them with ease. Cover letters like that, combined with similar commitments to selling oneself when (not if) you go in for an interview, and you'll be halfway to getting that dream sales job.

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