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Cover letters get the job done!

So many people type the words "cover letter job" into a search engine. This has always made me laugh because these people are actually searching the term "cover letter" and "job" obviously looking for a cover letter regarding their job search! After all, I've never heard of a career position called the "cover letter job"..:-) Enough joking around, let's land you more quality job interviews shall we?

Job Search Cover Letter Advice That Will Pull You Out Of The Rat Race!

It is the "humble" cover letter NOT the resume that has the ability to truly speak to an employer. To actually ASK for the job interview. To show the human side of YOU. To convey your personality and whet their appetite for wanting to meet you in person. The resume does not allow for this freedom of expression. The job a cover letter can do to overcome resume weaknesses is powerful when utilized properly.

Quick "cover letter job" tips

Keep your job search cover letters to one page maximum, address them using a real name, focus on landing the job interview and show the company your passion and excitement for the position being offered. It never hurts to show that you have researched this company specifically and are not just "blasting" your job search resume and cover letters all over cyberspace! Make each prospective employer feel special. Make this your "cover letter job"..:-)

To get the interview that gets you the job, a smart job hunter sends an original, concise, dynamic letter that is focused on one thing --getting the job interview. Sadly, the types of cover letters job seekers find online don't exactly fall into the "exciting" category.

Make it your job to craft a 'killer' job cover letter!

Instead of searching for free samples and examples, you and every job seeker would be better off trying to craft your own letter using the tips I've given you here. With these principles of effective cover letter writing, the smart job hunter can write sparkling, interview-grabbing letters that to stand out in the big pile of stale, dry, brittle and boring job cover letters with ease.

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