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The ABC's of a cover letter for landing teaching jobs!

Are you interested in writing a cover letter for teaching jobs that puts you at the head of the class? If so, sit down, get out your pad of paper, sharpen up your pencil and get ready to take notes.

One thing that is worth considering is that all school systems hire on pretty much the exact same schedule. Typically, there is a glut of cover letters for teacher spots that start getting sent out as graduating college seniors get ready to hit the workforce, there are a lot of interviews in the spring, and the principals begin making decisions on who will teach in the fall.

Naturally, there are sometimes some unforeseen circumstances. Sometimes a teacher is needed after Christmas break, or even during the middle of a semester and the principal starts looking for cover letter for teaching positions to pull people into mid-year job interviews. But overall, people in the educational system do their job-hunting and hiring in concentrated spurts.

What this means for you, teaching position job hunter, is that your cover letter for teaching position is going to be hitting the administrator's desk at exactly the same time as everyone else's. So you are going to have to make it count.

The Cover Letter For Teaching Basics

A is for "Apple." No, Make that "Accuracy"

First, be sure to send the cover letter for the teaching job to the right person, not to "Principal" or "Superintendent." If ever there was a group of people who were sticklers for proper spelling and grammar, it would be educators... it's their job. So be sure to check and recheck your resume for these little problems and send them to sit in the corner with a big, conical dunce cap on.

The Cover Letter For Teaching Postions

B is for "Be Noticed"

When the mailbag full of cover letters for teaching job hits the superintendent's inbox, yours is going to have a couple of seconds to wave its little paper hand up in the air and say "Pick me! Pick me!" As a result, clear powerful writing, plus some formatting and salutation tricks --- in the ol' cover letter writing biz we call them Attention Getting Ingredients (AGI's) --- go a long way to getting the letter into the "must read" pile.

The Cover Letter For Teaching Jobs

C is for "Come straight out and ASK for the job interview"

You aren't writing the letter just so the principal will think you are a smart and nice person. You're trying to get an interview so he or she will think you are a smart and nice person that deserves to get a job. So don't be shy. Say, "Please call me at this number so I can share my enthusiasm for education with you in person."

A Few Final Words On Cover Letter For Teaching Jobs Before Class is Dismissed....

One last lesson on writing the interview landing cover letter for teaching jobs: Please, please, don't use one of those templates you find online or in a book. In the first place, those things are so old and musty that when the superintendent opens your letter dust will practically fly up in his or her face. In the second place... isn't going online and copying something an awful lot like cheating? :-)

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