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Health care is one of the fastest growing industries in the United States right now and a well-written, attention grabbing cover letter for nurse jobs is one of the ways to make sure that you get one of the best jobs in this exciting field.

You've already put in the time and energy to go to nursing school and learn the complex and difficult skills it takes to be a nurse. You understand how to deliver health care to patients, the most effective way to facilitate the healing process, and how to make a health care providing organization run most efficiently. Compared to that, writing great, competition busting cover letters is going to be a piece of cake for you.

Your Prescription for a Stronger Cover Letter for Nurse Jobs

It helps if you think of the role that the cover letter is going to play for you. As a nurse, your role is to deliver the highest quality health care to the patients so they recover their health in the fastest and most comfortable manner.

Your cover letter's role is to sell you to your potential employer so that they perceive you as the solution to their most immediate and pressing staffing problem. In many ways, your cover letter is a combination of advertisement, super salesman and Hollywood agent dedicated to getting you in the job you want.

To do this, your letter must first attract attention and hold it. The way to do this is with an opening that is just a little bit spicier than the average plain vanilla letters that you will be competing against. For instance, starting your cover letter for nurse jobs with an all-caps, centered headline reading AVAILABLE IMMEDIATELY: EXPERIENCED MATERNITY NURSE focuses the reader's attention immediately and sets them up for what you will tell them next.

You've Got Their Attention, Now Use It In Your Cover Letters

Second, you must make the case that your experience and qualifications make you able to start doing a great job for them from day one. Moreover, there should be a paragraph --- I call it the "passion paragraph" in which you explain that not only are you CAPABLE of doing the job from day one, but you LOVE and are ENTHUSIASTIC about doing it.

I think this is especially important in cover letters for nurse careers. On their jobs in hospitals and other health care providing environments, nursing careers involve a lot of long hours, stress and emotionally trying situations. Someone who considers nursing to be "just another job" is less desirable for the employer than someone who really cares about the work that they do.

A Few Final Suggestions For A Terrific Nurse Cover Letter...

The cover letter for a nursing job should end with a sentence asking for an interview and telling the reader how to make that interview happen. Considering how busy most health care professionals are, I recommend going even further than that. I recommend job applicants to ask for the interview, then promise to call the hiring manager at some time the next week to speak to them. Needless to say, if you take that route you should make sure to actually follow through on the call.

If these tips are followed, it's a sure bet that your cover letter for a nursing job will rise to the top of the "interview immediately" pile. And your next nursing job will be one that you can be excited to go to work at.

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