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The secret ingredient missing from cover letters for internships and how to make it happen for YOU!

A cover letter for internship, on the surface, seems no different from cover letters for 'real' paying jobs. In both cases, your primary purpose is to get the interview that gets you the position that you are after. Obviously, the one thing that does differ is the level of job experience you can talk about in your internship cover letter.

A Cover Letter For An Internship Position Is Slightly Different

In typical cover letters for most job offers, you'd want to talk about how the experience shown on your resume makes you able to fit the business criteria that this company might need. However, if you are writing a cover letter for internships, chances are that you are still in school, so your resume most likely won't show you having a lot of on the job experience yet.

This is not the end of the world, most companies expect this to be the case. Take this lack of experience and fill the void with your passion for this field! Display your enthusiasm for this industry and for each specific company you are applying too.

Internship Cover Letter Tips: These will help you land any job

Think of your cover letter for an internship position as the most important document you will ever write in your young, budding career. It must display your passion and enthusiasm for the particular industry you are applying for. Obviously, most internship resumes are lacking in the "experience" category so cover letters for internships must fill this void and let YOU shine through. Why should a company be interested in interviewing and hiring you over another student looking to gain valuable experience as well? Doesn't it seem logical that a candidate who is excited and truly interested in a particular field would be a great choice for a company's internship program? The point it this: Don't get caught up writing your cover letter for an internship position in such a "professional" manner that your own unique personality is lost completely. This is exactly how to NOT standout and get lost in the stack of applications.

A passionate cover letter for internship can make all the difference in your results

You are going to use your cover letter to highlight what is on your resume, not what isn't. Let's assume you're the typical student, you've got an education, possibly some job experience, and some life experiences. You are going to use your cover letter to explain how these experiences have combined to give you the skills relevant to the internship you want. And, when you combine your PASSION to the mix, you become the intern that is most desirable.

And remember, keep your letter BRIEF and ASK for the interview. Your cover letter should also show that you are bright and interested in learning. That is, after all, the whole point of an internship program. A clearly worded, lively and passionate internship cover letter goes a long way towards hearing the words, "YOU'RE HIRED!"

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