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Like Rodney Dangerfield, cover letters get no respect!

Oh, the 'humble' cover letter. Besides the resume, no other piece of business communication has the same sort of mystique as the simple cover letter. With a job search cover letter, what should be essesntially nothing more than a focused request for a job interview takes on an aura of mystery to so many job seekers. To solve the deep dark secrets of the all-important cover letter, these job hunters spend many hours and many dollars consulting various books and experts. Or, they freeze up, focusing completely on their resume and simply copy any old freebie cover letter they can find searching online. Big, BIG mistake.

The Ultimate Cover Letter Strategy

The fact is, the secrets of writing a sparkling, interview-grabbing cover letter are simple... they just aren't obvious. All it takes is a little expert advice regarding the principles of great cover letters, and you need never approach the word processor with fear again.

Little known cover letter secret: Keep your job search cover letters focused on landing the job interview!

Also, the simple salutation is an area where many cover letter writers stumble right out of the gate. Not sure who the letter will go to, they open up with the time tested "To whom it may concern" or "Sir/Madam." If -- by some remote chance -- the company the letter goes to has someone with that name working in their HR department, that's perfect!:-) In all other cases, address your cover letter to a specific person.

Realize that the person you'd like to get an interview with has a name, and it's possible for you to find it out with a little work. The difference between making that extra effort or not, may make all the difference on whether you get the job interview. For this reason and as I said earlier, each cover letter needs to be addressed to a specific person by name whenever possible.

Cover Letter Tips And Cover Letters That Ask For Action!

If you want your cover letter to be read from 'head to toe' keep it to three paragraphs maximum. For all of you who plan to send off your two-page cover letter let me shout at the top of my lungs from the highest roof top, "HOLD EVERYTHING!" The two-page cover letter is job search suicide. Keep your cover letter brief, lively and passionate. And as I always say in every article I write, don't forget to clearly ASK for the opportunity to be interviewed for the position being offered. I would include this "ask" sentence towards the end of your cover letter. Remember, you never know until you ask, and without landing the job interview it's pretty difficult to land the job!

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