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The cold cover letter is one of the weapons in the serious job seeker's arsenal
that makes them the winners in the fight for dream jobs. Basically, the cold cover letter is the letter written to the hiring manager of a company for a job that has not been advertised and might not even be available yet.

Some of you may be out there thinking that writing a letter for a job that may be non-existent is a waste of time and that sending out a cold cover letter is little more than the proverbial "shot in the dark." As it turns out, nothing could be further from the truth.

Cold Cover Letters Tap Into the Hidden Job Market

In reality, companies are ALWAYS hiring and ALWAYS looking for top talent to join them and that's where a killer cold cover letters can heat things up for you! During flush times, companies become so desperate for qualified workers that they have to hire recruiters to call workers at other companies and ask them to trade jobs. Even in the worst economic conditions, there are people leaving firms to retire, to take other jobs or to do something else like go to school or start their own business. These people must be replaced so the company can go on with its business.

What's more, something like 90% of job openings are never revealed to the public. Often, these openings are filled by people already working for the firm, who get promoted. Other times, they are filled by referrals of people working for the firm. Other times, and these are the times that a cold cover letter pays off like a big, jingling slot machine, they are filled with applicants that have expressed an interest in the company before the opening was a reality.

What's in a Cold Cover Letter

In terms of content, the cold cover letter differs little from the typical cover letter that an applicant would write. First, it should attract the attention of the reader. Second, it should lay out in clear and direct language why the applicant's experience and qualifications make him or her the best solution to the business's problems. Third, it should convey the enthusiasm and passion that the candidate would bring to the job. And fourth, it should ask for the job interview and tell the hiring manager how to get into contact.

If there are any differences between the cold cover letter and the cover letter in response to a job advertisement, they would be in the attention grabbing department. When a hiring manager is desperate enough to advertise for a job opening, chances are he or she is desperate enough to at least try to read all the cover letters that come into his or her office.

A Couple Last Words About Cold Cover Letters

By contrast, when the pressure is off, when there aren't any openings, the letter must begin with an opening so compelling that the manager MUST keep reading, even though he or she does not have hiring on the brain at that moment. For this reason, cold cover letters should be a little more intensive in their use of Attention Getting Ingredients than letters for advertised positions.

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