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All application letter samples are not created equal!

An application letter sample is to an Australian job seeker what cover letter samples are to American job seekers. Typically, online you will find the bottom of the barrel, below average application letter samples that most job seekers copy word for word or close to it. They simply change the names around a bit and send it out in the hopes of receiving dozens of job interviews and offers. Keep dreaming!

Unfortunately, it's not quite that easy, in Australia or the United States! Hiring managers are looking at hundreds application letters and resumes on their desk. Your application letter needs to stand out from the crowd to get you the in the door and that free sample you found online probably isn't going to get the job done. (pun intended) :-)

Where Can I Find An Effective Application Letter Sample?

You're making a big mistake, wasting precious time using letter samples you find for free on the Internet. Especially when you consider that thousands of other job seekers have access to that same letter. Sending in the same stale, overused form letter samples as other applicants is a sure-fire ticket to the trash can.

Application Letter Sample Myths

An application letter sample needs to be fresh, original, personalized and focused. Do you think you'll find a bunch of freebie samples online that meets these criteria? As the car rental company says, "uh, not exactly"! Your application letter needs to show that you understand the business problems this company faces. It then needs to demonstrate that you are the solution to these problems and the answer to their hiring needs. Lastly, make sure your application letter directly asks for the opportunity to be interviewed and give the manager an easy action plan to make the interview happen.

Finally, unless the application letter sample you find displays these qualities leave it alone.

Instead, spend a little time online researching what makes an application letter truly effective and incorporate these elements into your letters. You may also find the links below helpful. 'Amazing Cover Letters' has an awesome solution for creating highly-effective application letters from samples and templates that you can customize for your particular needs. Check it out!

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