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Call it an application letter or a cover letter but remember this secret...

Application letters are to an Australian what a cover letter is to an American. Namely, it's a letter that accompanies a CV (or resume to us "Yanks") to get an job interview. Along with the resume, the application letter is your first, and all too often only, communication with the person that can give you your dream job.

That's why it had better be good, no, amazing. The problem is that most people (in Australia and the U.S.) have never been taught what makes a cover letter or application letter truly amazing. Instead most job hunters just write the same application letters over and over, probably based on some stale sample they saw in some book once.

Application Letter Tip #1

Well, in case nobody has told you before, I'll tell you right now what makes an amazing application letter. First and foremost, an application letter should be focused like a laser on getting the job interview. This focus starts on the address line, starting with who the letter is addressed to.

That's right. I said "who" the letter is addressed to. Because it is a person who will be interviewing you and will eventually hire you. And this person's name is not "Sir/Madam" or "To Whom It May Concern." So the first step of writing an amazing, interview-getting application letter is to find out who needs to receive it.

Application Letter Tip #2

Keep your application letters short and sweet. The longer your application letter is the less likely it will be read. Hiring managers HATE long-winded letters that go on and on. They actually APPEAR difficult to read and usually end up in the dumpster. Keep yours lively and brief. Use bullet points if you'd like to display a list of skills or attributes you possess. Using bullets makes it easy for the reader to scan through. And always put your focus on landing the job interview. Don't be afraid to come right out and ask for the opportunity to be interviewed for the position being offered.

Application Letter Tip #3

The biggest mistake most people make is they start to include information on their application letter that should be reserved for the CV or resume instead. Your application letter is not a CV or resume. It actually is your only chance to show some personality and interest in meeting in person for the interview. Don't be afraid to show your human side in your application letter because this is the only career document that allows for this!

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