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Most accounting cover letter samples just don't add up!

For candidates seeking jobs in the accounting field, finding an accounting cover letter sample might be less important than they actually think. That's because accounting cover letter samples, just like cover letter samples for every other profession are rarely the best examples of what an attention-grabbing, interview-landing, job-gettng cover letter should be.

Stay away from the dreaded, typical accounting cover letter sample

For starters, most accounting cover letter samples are just full of tired, meaningless phrases. To make them fresh and specific enough to get a hiring manager's attention, these accounting cover letter samples will take so much re-writing that it's actually easier and faster, not to mention more effective, to write the accounting cover letter yourself.

Good news. Learning to write an effective cover letter, one that makes the average accounting cover letter sample look weak and lifeless by comparison, is easier than most accounting job candidates might think. To get a head start on crafting this letter, all the writer has to do is keep two primary objectives in mind.

Writing An Accounting Cover Letter By the Numbers (pun intended) :-)

The first one is simple: GRAB ATTENTION! There are plenty of effective AGI's to use (Attention Getting Ingredients) that will stand out to a hiring manager, and they all have something in common. Whether it's a bold-faced headline that reads AVAILABLE IMMEDIATELY: EXPERIENCED TAX ACCOUNTANT, or a compelling "P.S." at the bottom of the cover letter, these ingredients all say one thing: "Hey, look at me! I'm a little different. I know exactly what you are looking for and will provide it. Just give me an opportunity to be interviewed!" It's a rare accounting cover letter sample indeed, that already contains any of these proven elements. You'd do better looking for that elusive needle in the haystack! :-)

The second vital element of an accounting cover letter is to SELL, SELL, SELL the reader that he or she has to take one very simple action, and that is to call you in for the job interview. This requires showing that you have a very clear understanding of the job description that the position requires. Then you must demonstrate why your experience makes you the most logical choice to fill this job opening. This means quickly noting your relevant accomplishments and explaining how you would apply that experience to this new position. Naturally, these specifics would vary from candidate to candidate and from position to position, so you would never be able to find them in a generic accounting cover letter sample.

Outstanding Accounting Cover Letter Sample Tip:

Most people wouldn't consider the average accountant, CPA or book keeper to have a highly-charged, passionate personality. Crunching numbers all day takes a certain patience and personality. So here's a secret to really stand out from your competition. Show some passion, enthusiasm and intensity towards your profession and especially a desire to be interviewed by THIS firm in person. You are almost sure to stand out in a sea of boredom! Leave the dreaded accounting cover letter sample to the rest of your competition.

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