An Accountant Cover Letter Is NO Different!

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Accountant cover letters are no different than any cover letter for other professions.

An accountant cover letter really is no different from any other cover letter in most respects. Accountant cover letters should attract attention with a gripping opening sentence like any other letter. They should attempt to sell the job applicant, and to ask the respondent to take a certain action (call to set up an interview) just like any other effective cover letter.

However, in other areas, accountant cover letters may have to be a little more specific, than say a cover letter for a managerial or sales position. In the accounting world, most cover letters are read by the Human Resources department of accounting firms before they ever make it to the attention of a partner or Hiring Manager who actually decides who gets interviewed and hired.

Accountant Cover Letter Strategies

The first few sentences of accountant cover letters should be written in a way that they can pass this extra screening filter. Since most Human Resources personnel are not trained accountants, this means that the letter must include a mention of the SPECIFIC skills and experience that the Human Resource person has been instructed by the firm to screen candidates for. You will have to use your good judgement to address this correctly.

Here's an example of how this can work against a potential candidate applying for a job. If an accountant were to read a cover letter that said the candidate was experienced "with all areas of auditing" he or she would probably have a fairly good idea of what that sentence meant. However, a human resource employee may not. He or she would probably discard this letter in favor of another cover letter that listed, the, specific type of auditing, like non-profit, that the partners had specified as a requirement in hiring a new associate for the available position.

Naturally, this does not mean that the candidate should turn the letter into a boring laundry list of experience, computer proficiency and other tedious information. That should be left for the resume. Rather, the candidate should include the most relevant information based on the advertisement that he or she saw, or better yet, relate to the company's needs by doing some research first.

Accountant Cover Letters truly are no different than any other cover letter in that the bottom line is always to land the job interview first and foremost.

Always write with a specific result in mind: To be called for the interview. Listing your specific expertise and experience using bullet points in your cover letter can be very effective. Demonstrate why you are the candidate best qualified to meet a particular accounting firm's business needs.

An accounting cover letter written with these guidelines in mind, should result in a higher response rate, more job interviews, and hopefully, plenty of great job offers!

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